The guy is apparently quite similar in order to Ichigo, aside from their total color palette is the reverse from Ichigo’s

The guy is apparently quite similar in order to Ichigo, aside from their total color palette is the reverse from Ichigo’s

He is a fairly extreme and slim-mainly based becoming with white skin and you may locks. Their sight include black college students, white irises and black sclera [3] . He likewise has black fingernails. If you find yourself Ichigo wears a simple black Shinigami Shihakusho, his Hollow thinking wears a light Shihakusho which have a black colored material gear. [4] [5] When he was afterwards pulled regarding Ichigo by Tensa Zangetsu, he wears the brand new Bankai type of Ichigo’s Shihakusho, except white. In addition, the guy dons the fresh new horned hide you to Ichigo and contains in the fully Hollowfied setting. [6]


Hollow Ichigo’s very distinguishing keeps try his maniacal humor and you will psychotic smiles. He or she is raw, arrogant, disrespectful, and you may sadistic. Empty Ichigo has no name, [7] [8] with his simply reason behind life is always to dominate Ichigo’s energy and body to use it in order to eliminate everything and you can some thing the guy observes, unlike Ichigo’s need to include. The guy taunts Ichigo as being a faltering and you can not the right counterpart out-of themselves, even when the guy relishes the notion of bringing Ichigo’s efforts to have himself. [9] The guy battles such as an effective berserker, unlike Ichigo, overlooking wounds and you may seizing their enemies which have brute power and you will force. [10] [11] He and covers Ichigo’s human anatomy when he is about to die, as if Ichigo passed away, he would also. [12] [13] He as well as appears to admiration Zangetsu’s heart to a certain degree. [14] [15]

Empty Ichigo keeps announced you to definitely Ichigo ‘s the «king» of your own inner community and then he ‘s the «pony.» Empty Ichigo would like to «make top» away from Ichigo very he is able to possess command over you and become the prominent identity. Just after his losses, he states he is willing to allow Ichigo to store the newest top for the moment, nevertheless when Ichigo «bolts up once again,» the guy stated however generate their flow once more. [16]

When he are combined which have Tensa Zangetsu, but not, a lot of the latest Zanpakuto spirit’s identity is apparently in essence, making the Inner Empty far calmer, although they are more likely to occasional outbursts similar to Empty Ichigo. The guy actually says he wants to cover Ichigo, as opposed to his constant before comments regarding looking Ichigo’s looks and you will power to possess themselves. [17]

Agent of one’s Shinigami arc

If you are Ichigo underwent studies to increase his very own Shinigami powers, Kisuke Urahara lay Ichigo’s heart owing to something called Tessai Tsukabishi after that severs Ichigo’s [18] Tessai spends a high-top Bakudo to quit Ichigo from using their hands so you can size the latest edges of axle. [19]

Immediately after 3 days about axle, Ichigo begins to transform for the a hollow. In the event that Bakudo restraining Ichigo begins to crack, Tessai spends a very cutting-edge style of it, and therefore Jinta statements will kill Ichigo. Tessai responds which he need to hold-back your in advance of he completes the newest conversion into an empty. Up until the final area of the enchantment affects him, Ichigo escapes when you look at the an enormous burst because of the fresh new awakening away from his Shinigami and you may Empty powers. The guy been successful for the wearing their electricity, yet emerged in the Shattered Shaft with Shinigami robes and you can a great Empty mask. The guy later on discarded the fresh cover-up, or at least that was what he envision. [20]

Heart People arch

Through the Ichigo’s more complicated battles, the brand new hide he believe he discarded left reappearing towards the his body from inside the places where here do normally have already been deadly wounds.

Ichigo’s Renji Abarai, Renji made use of Zabimaru hitting Ichigo close their cardio, nevertheless sword try prevented somehow. Following the struggle, since the Hanataro Yamada recovered Ichigo, the guy found that the same Empty mask Ichigo envision the guy put out try what blocked Zabimaru. Ichigo, thought the latest mask while the good luck attraction, wanted to secure the cover up; however, Hanataro got they, and fearing they, tossed it on sewer liquids. This new cover up is actually went once again for a while. [21]

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